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Broadband without a Phone Line: New Network in Cambridge

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    If you are in Cambridge in a suitable location you can benefit from providing a realm, even if you already have a hotspot solution. Please contact us to find out more about the benefits of joining the Cambridge Matrix. Please let us know you want it in your area/home/office by registering your interest. Click here to REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

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    Without logging in or signing up you can browse local websites on the Matrix. Discover what's nearby, explore the City you are in, and finding out where you really want to go today - for free!


    Cambridge City Council Selects MatrixWiFi
    Cambridge Corn Exchange in association with the City Council pioneered MatrixWiFi technology in the UK using the system to provide free access to its websites and low cost internet access for residents and visitors in the Market Square area (including Corn Exchange, Guildhall, and Tourist Information Office) in the heart of the historic city centre.

    Surveillance and Security in India
    The client is an ISP based in the UK and operating globally. The end user is a large Indian corporation. The client tested our software against alternatives where it benchmarked best on range and performance in a 10Km2 MatrixWiFi network. The 7 access points with cameras provide real time video surveillance for security.

    MatrixWiFi Technology
    The new networks are based on the latest innovation in WiFi technology developed in Cambridge called MatrixWiFi. This enables coverage of large and complex areas with mobile broadband networks that can be used for skype or other internet phone calls, internet radios, iphones, local broadcasting and surveillance systems.

    The Matrix Project
    Today we are working with councils and partners to provide locations we link together creating large mobile broadband networks. Partners select locations for coverage which they and their guests can use for internet access. Everyone providing a location and their guests get access in all other locations.

    Licensing for Market Leaders
    Please feel free to talk to us about using MatrixWiFi software and/or system design to provide internet services. We are confident that a pilot of this technology would lead to the realisation of its competitive benefits. Recent coverage in Standard and Poor's Marketscope suggests that this type of technology combined with fibre to the street is more likely to become widespread than fibre to the home.

  • Brace yourself for a wireless Cambridge (BBC) Cambridge Matrix in the News Tom Edge of the BBC

    Competition is hotting up for WiFi providers in Cambridge, enabling residents to access the internet wirelessly from special hotspots around the city.

    Posted by admin on Thursday, January 12 @ 02:59:29 GMT (9270 reads)
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    Where Do You Really Want to Go Today? Cambridge Matrix in the News

    Cambridge Matrix joins BBC Radio Cambridgeshire just outside their Cambridgeshire studio.

    CEO Rend Shakir Demonstrates the technology.

    Posted by admin on Monday, January 09 @ 13:07:24 GMT (8700 reads)
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    Sit in Hot Seat for Free Internet Cambridge Matrix in the News

    Hotspots, which provide free wireless Internet access anywhere are appearing all over Cambridge, and are now offering free access to many services and websites.

    Anyone in range of one of these Hotspots gets free unlimited downloads, quizzes and games, and free Internet access to popular websites, including Google, the Post Office, HMV, Harrods, Waitrose Entertaining, Apple Store, Skype, iTunes, and many others. Local websites, news, where to find things, what's happening in the area, entertainment, where to buy train or bus tickets, timetables, where to rent a flat or buy a house, find an accountant, drink, or eat close by are all available for free from the Hotspot and relevant to location, including a map.

    Note: CEN January 3rd 2006

    Posted by admin on Monday, January 09 @ 12:21:13 GMT (10113 reads)
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    Business: Cambridge Birthplace of the World Wide Matrix Cambridge Matrix in the News

    The idea of wireless Hot Spots talking to each other, passing Internet data between them at ultra fast speeds, has similar implications to when computers could talk to each other forming a network of connections that became known as the World Wide Web. Today, across the City's growing network of Hot Spots, which we call the "Matrix," all data passing through is free and instantly accessible by anyone anywhere with no special software or log-in requirements.

    Posted by admin on Friday, August 13 @ 19:39:02 BST (11273 reads)
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